An agonising wait

Sadly, people living with a disability are waiting years for an Assistance Dog.

Will you please help put seven promising puppies through the final training stage with a donation today?

Not everyone gets a fair go at life

Derris (72) grew up knowing that one day, she might lose the ability to walk.

Derris has Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, which means that her muscles in her legs, arms, and stomach are wasting away.

Over the years, Derris saw her body and independence decline. When she was in her forties, she started using a wheelchair. But a wheelchair wouldn’t solve every challenge she would face.

Derris’ arms became even weaker and she dropped things all the time. She would have to find a different way to navigate life.

A day in the life of Gracie the Assistance Dog

Gracie on the go

Gracie goes everywhere

Shopping with Gracie

A lifeline

As they cross the road, Gracie walks at Derris’ pace and doesn’t pull on the lead. Good job!

Gracie’s public access rights mean she can go with Derris to places like the doctor’s. She can be trusted to behave.

Because of her training, Gracie can ignore all distractions like delicious food smells at the supermarket.

Due to her weak arms Derris always drops things. Gracie retrieves things like her phone, which saves Derris from being stranded.

People like Derris risk missing out on an Assistance Dog and life-changing care without your support.

Life is better with Amazing Gracie

Today, Gracie the Assistance Dog gives Derris security and independence. One of the main skills that Gracie does for Derris is picking up dropped items. Derris said:

“When I drop something, particularly my phone, I need help straight away because I could get into trouble. Gracie doesn’t hesitate and she picks up the phone. I rely on her so much.”

With Gracie, Derris said can maintain the fullness of her life:

“I always feel safe when Gracie is with me — and I have much more confidence about going out and about; knowing that she will look after me.”

Derris has Gracie, but people are spending years waiting for their own Assistance Dog. Your donation today will help put seven puppies through the final stage of training.

How Your Donation Helps


Gives a puppy a night of accommodation at the National Training School.


Helps a puppy learn new skills through a training session with an expert trainer.


Keeps a client in the community by helping us to complete a dog’s annual Public Access Test.

Please don’t let seven puppies fail Assistance Dogs school. Your donation is a life-saver.

People living with a disability should get the help they need

People like Derris risk missing out on an Assistance Dog all together if we don’t get funding for the final stage of training for seven puppies.

It’s caring people like you who give people living with disability the chance to live their fullest lives. Your support truly matters to vulnerable people around the country.

At every stage of life, people living with a disability should get the help they need.

Every single day someone like Derris is waiting for an Assistance Dog is a day too long.

Will you please donate so the wait for an Assistance Dog can finally end for seven people?

We urgently need your help to raise $120,000

Don’t make people like Derris wait longer for a life-changing Assistance Dog.

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