Waiting years for help

Right now, there are 77 people on the waitlist for an Assistance Dog.

I need to raise $155,400 urgently to train more Assistance Dogs and meet demand.

Your kindness will be a lifeline for someone living with a disability during this long pandemic.

Ready for the world with Letty

Charlotte is ten years old but is well behind her peers. She can’t read or write yet, let alone understand letters and colours. Charlotte wears nappies and needs someone to bathe and dress her.

Charlotte has Autism, ADHD, Phelan-McDermid syndrome, and a severe intellectual disability, among other conditions.

Letty the Assistance Dog is trained to calm Charlotte when she is about to experience a crippling meltdown.

Letty can sense Charlotte’s rising emotion, and prevent a meltdown by applying pressure with her body, bringing Charlotte back to earth.

Clever Letty has helped bring an end to Charlotte’s unpredictable behaviours, constant meltdowns, sleep difficulties, and mental health challenges.

Derris and Gracie

Please help our next generation graduate

Cuddly Cardi

Quick learner Carla

Sibling alert!

June’s on track

Cardi’s journey has just begun. She is assertive and playful and must build a foundation of basic skills like sit, stay and wait.

This quiet achiever is getting used to the new and strange things in the big, wide world in prep for life as an Assistance Dog.

The National Training Centre is currently home to Sam, Sage and Sandy, who are loving Advanced Training so far.

June is a pro at most skills, so now she is being tested in the real world. She does drills in public places like the supermarket.

Will you please donate so we can train more Assistance Dogs for Australians living with a disability?

Why your donation is important

We are all trying to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are people in our community who are at higher risk.

Among them are ex-servicepeople living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), children living with autism, and people who have physical disabilities.

Today, I must ask you to please donate before the end of the year, so we can continue looking after the most vulnerable among us.

There are currently 77 people around the country who are waiting for an Assistance Dog and don’t know when they will finally receive one.

Without the physical and emotional support of an Assistance Dog, many people on our waitlist are losing hope of achieving their life goals.

How your donation helps


Gives a puppy a night of accommodation at the National Training School.


Helps a puppy learn new skills through a training session with an expert trainer.


Keeps a client in the community by helping us to complete a dog’s annual Public Access Test.

Assistance Dogs are specially trained to help people living with disability to navigate life’s everyday challenges.

Please help train more puppies with a donation today.

How you are making a difference

We crunched the numbers, and discovered that 100% of our dogs are cute. But seriously, a recent survey showed how Assistance Dogs improve every single client’s quality of life. So we work hard to change the world for more Australians around the country. This is our success rate.

We urgently need your help to raise $155,400

Will you please help us raise $155,400 to ensure that Australians on our waitlist do not miss out on a better quality of life, especially during a pandemic?